Anyone who bottom fishes knows the importance of stimulating the bite through chumming. However, when anglers set up an incorrect deployment angle, they end up sending their chum away from where they’re fishing.

From traditional frozen chum blocks, to chopped baitfish or fish oils; most chumming efforts originate at or near the boat’s stern. This can certainly benefit your angling efforts, but a lot of your chum can end up drifting over and away from your target. When this happens, you can inadvertently pull the fish away from where you’re fishing, as they follow the drifting chum trail.

Now, thanks to the patent-pending Chum Sink, you can say goodbye to this costly mistake.



By simple definition, “chumming” is the act of dispersing scented material into the water for the purpose of stimulating fish activity. On a reef, wreck, rock pile or ledge; smaller fish quickly respond to the scent of any available food source. Their activity attracts the interest of progressively larger species that are drawn to these scents, along with the flurry of activity.

Chum sources vary from concentrated fish oils to freshly chopped baitfish, but the most common, convenient and consistently effective option is the frozen chum block. Typically made from ground baitfish and augmented with additional fish oils, chum blocks fit into a mesh bag or some other ventilated container, which is hung from a cleat.

Positioned just under the surface, the chum block slowly melts in the sea water and all those scented bits of ground fish drift down and away from their source. Grouper, snapper, mackerel, kingfish, sharks — such scent-savvy predators will follow a chum line to its source and that’s what pulls them close enough to find your baits.

The innovative Chum Sink facilitates this process and puts your chum in position to do its job.

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How it Works


With the para cord secured to a cleat, you simply attach one clip to your chum bag (or cage), attach the other clip to your para cord and then attach both clips to the Chum Sink and lower the chum to the appropriate depth. Positioned up current of your target zone, the Chum Sink puts the fish attracting aroma where it needs to be right under your boat.

Built to handle a 7-pound chum block (the most common size) and a anchor rope up to 5/8″ diameter, the Chum Sink works well with any chum bag or cage. An efficient design allows you to easily adjust positioning without moving the anchor rope.

Manufactured in the USA by Diversified Gear, this innovative product is made from marine grade materials. Compact and convenient, durable and dependable; Chum Sink helps you do what you came to do.

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Chum Sink made the New Product Segment on Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report 8/4/2016


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